About Me

My name is Jimmy and I currently live in Killeen, TX with my fiance JoAnna.  We have two dogs Sadie, a boxer, and Buck, a black Lab mix.  I am in the Army and stationed at Fort Hood, “the Great Place.”  My beer adventures started in January of 2010 upon my redeployment from Iraq.  I visited some good friends in Boulder, Colorado and found myself unable to ski due to an injury.  I knew Colorado was known for its beer scene and spent the entire weekend sampling every drop of beer I could.  Having caught the bug, I set out on a venture to try as many different beers as I could find.  That led to me doing research into the beer industry and eventually brewing my own.  As my experiences grew, I began to find that I was the SME (Subject Matter Expert- some Army jargon) amongst my friends.  They started asking me questions and more often than not, I was able to answer them.  I relished being in a position to help my friends learn about something important to me.  I started this blog with the intent of doing the same for others.  I don’t intend to review every beer I try here, there are plenty of places on the internet for that.  I just want to talk about beer and poor JoAnna can’t take it anymore!  Cheers!