As per usual, Walt Powell’s monthly beer dinners at Homefield Grill do not disappoint. I have had the pleasure of going to them for about two years now. They have awesome food themes and even better beer. This month the theme was breakfast, which is my favorite meal of the day. Needless to say I was very excited.  The five course menu went as follows:


First course

Ricotta and Mascarpone Blintz with Lemon Cranberry Jam paired with New Blegium Tart Lychee


Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 01  Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 03

I was a tad bit nervous as I don’t typically like things that seem overly sweet but the blintz was light and the jam the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness that was mellowed ever so slightly by the sourness of the Tart Lychee.


Second Course

Agave Oatmeal and Leek Soup paired with Sixpoint Sweet Action

Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 04 Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 05


The soup was a thoughtful update to the traditional Irish classic. It was rich in flavor without being too rich or so heavy that ended up being lightened even more by Sixpoint’s take on a cream ale. I have to be honest, I haven’t tried many cream ales, but this one stands well on its own.


Third Course

Fried Egg “Salad” with Candied Jalapeño Bacon, Potatoes, Caramelized Onions and Smoke Tomato Coulees paired with Ommegang Duvel Rustica

Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 08 Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 10


Lets be honest, this was a hash.  A perfect wake up Sunday morning cozy hash. I can’t explain it unbiasedly because it is my preferred breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) of champions. This take on it was a welcomed diversion with the sweet and spicy bacon. The whole thing paired beautifully with the rustic belgian golden ale that is Duvel Rustica. Light, yet full, the perfect beer.


Fourth Course

Seared Venison Biscuits and Gravy with Spicy Corn on the Cob paired with Goose Island Matilda

Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 12 Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 15


Biscuits and gravy,  a southern tradition. Goose Island Matilda, a midwest tradition. Paired so well together, this very well could bring the north and south together … if it needed to be again. This Belgian style pale ale easily cut through the rich heaviness of the meat and gravy.


Fifth Course

Fried Yellow Plantain Pancakes with Blackberry Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup paired with Ska Brewing Mole Stout

Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 19 Homefield Jan 2013 beer dinner - 17

The complete complexity of the this spicy, hoppy, malty porter paired perfectly with the familiar flavors in this desert.  I was at my limit by this point, but Jon gobbled up not only his own serving, but mine as well.

Chef Scott Reed and his team impressed at every turn and the beer paired by Walt made it that much better. It’s always the highlight of the month, and I look forward to making your mouth water next time also.

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