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First off I’d like to thank Jimmy for letting me lend a voice to his blog, and my husband Jon for supporting my beer habit.

It took me a while to get into beer. Jon and I have friends who helped us expand our taste and knowledge; dipping a toe into the craft beer scene. I started with “Girly Beers”, like Lindemans Framboise , until the day I had a Tripel Karmeliet. That day, the heavens opened up, and I saw what beer could be. With a new found interest, and dear husband’s new home brew kit, the possibilities were endless.

I love creating things in the kitchen, so home brewing was the natural next step where I could foster this new love of fermentation and hops. Fast forward a few years and though I don’t brew like I use to, the growing beer scene in Texas keeps me just as excited as that first day. I hope to share just a tad bit of that enthusiasm with you.

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