I have been derelict in my duties as a blogger lately.  My intent is to write an article a week but unfortunately beer is my hobby and not my job so it doesn’t pay the bills.  My full-time job is Soldier in the US Army.  Specifically, I am a bomb disposal technician.  Recently I learned that I will be deploying in the next few months for a year.  I am not going to shut the blog down or put it on hold while I’m gone.  Instead I have a series of articles planned that I hope will help educate the average beer drinker.  My good friend and co-blogger, Jon, will help me keep the site up to date with the happenings of craft beer around Texas.  Thank you all for understanding and your support. 

- Jimmy

Obligatory Cool Guy Photo (No magazine = totally posed) This photo was taken outside the building where I lived in Iraq during 2009.

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