Battle de Belgian: The Tale of the Austin Golden Ale

Lately it seems as though many Texas breweries are releasing Belgian-style Golden Ales.  Last weekend one of my favorite Austin bars, the Draughthouse, had the two newest Belgian Golden Ales on tap so I headed down to try them.

With Jon, his wife Monica, and JoAnna in tow we found a table and ordered the three Texas Belgian-style Golden Ales that were on tap: South Austin Brewing Company’s Golden Ale, Ranger Creek’s Lucky Ol’ Sun, and Austin Beerworks Gold Fist.  I was hoping to compare Adelbert’s Rambler with these but it was no longer on tap.  Full from dinner at Uchiko (HOLY YUM!) the four of us decided to share the three beers.

First up was Golden Ale from South Austin Brewing Company.  It came served in a snifter and had a mild but sweet aroma.  I found the beer light and fruity.  It is a terrific beer for the coming hotter months.

The second one we tried was the new seasonal from Ranger Creek called Lucky Ol’ Sun.  There was a wonderful funkiness to it with lots of fruit and some really earthy graininess.  It’s named for the Johnny Cash version of the song “That Lucky Old Sun.”

Last up was a new seasonal from Austin Beerworks called Gold Fist.  I tasted a ton of caramel and rich malty notes with a lot of wonderful Belgian spiciness.  It was just flat out pleasant.

After trying all three beers we attempted to pick a favorite.  JoAnna bowed out of the voting so we were left with three voters.  Lucky Ol’ Sun had two first place votes and the other two tied for second.  I really liked all three beers so get out there and find them yourself!


LATE ADDITION:  I attended the debut of Rogness Brewing on Monday at Black Star Co-op and there is a new Belgian Golden in town.  Bella is VERY spicy and finishes super dry.  It would go incredibly well with spicy foods or the shepard’s pie I had for dinner.  Bottom line, tasty beer.

Rogness Brewing Ost Porter and Bella Belgian Golden Ale

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