Twisted X Brewing

Twisted X Co-Founder Jim Sampson

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the inaugural tour of Twisted X Brewing Company in Cedar Park, TX.  Twisted X brews what they call “Tex-Mex Beer,” specifically lagers.


The tour starts the way any brewery tour  should, with beer.  For $10 you get a tour and a pint glass with three tokens redeemable for full pours of fresh craft beer.  I started my tour with my favorite Twisted X beer, Senor Viejo. Aged in Republic Tequila barrels that once  housed Jack Daniels, Senor Viejo is an imperial black lager or schwarzbier with increased ABV.  I first had Senor Viejo at a Homefield Grill beer dinner and I have loved it since.  The tequila barrels add vanilla and oak to a beer full of chocolate and roasty flavors.


The tour is presented by Jim Sampson, a co-founder of Twisted X.  Jim took us through the steps of the brewing process and the equipment used.  Twisted X utilizes a three barrel system.  That means that each batch makes six kegs worth of beer.  The brewery also uses an old eight barrel wine fermenter so that two batches can be lagered simultaneously.  Jim and his partner Shane Bordeau have plans to open a 30 barrel system in the future which means more Twisted X beer!


As the tour finished Jim and Shane began to mingle throughout the crowd while I grabbed my second beer, Siesta, a prickly pear lager brewed with red corn for color and featuring prickly pears from a friend’s yard.  The beer had a refreshing tartness to it and was easily JoAnna’s favorite of all the Twisted X selections.  I then drank one of JoAnna’s beer tokens (someone had to drive) and tried Cow Creek dark lager.  It’s a Vienna style lager is the same vein as Negro Modelo.  Now, I must also mention that Twisted X was recently commissioned by Billy Gibson of ZZ Top to brew a beer like Negro Modelo (Billy’ favorite) for his SXSW appearance.  Twisted X agreed and created Ocho Suerte.  Jim and Shane hope to brew more Ocho Suerte once they open their larger brewery and I can’t wait!

Monica and JoAnna enjoying their beer

My last beer of the day was the original Twisted X Premium Tex Mex Lager.  This is the beer that will change the way you eat tex-mex food.  Imagine a Dos Equis made by hand with premium ingredients in the craft style with your tacos al pastor.  Homefield Grill recently had a blind taste test contest that pair Twisted X Premium Tex Mex Lager  and Dos Equis.  The winner would receive a permanent tap handle at the restaurant and Twisted X won by more than a four to one margin!

I highly recommend that you check out Twisted X at one of their tours.  The people are friendly and the beer is great.  One can’t ask for more!  If you don’t, you should fear the Twisted X owl!  Try the flagship Fuerte- a jalapeno pilsner with a really nice kick!


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