Flix Brewhouse Beer Dinner- part 2

The main course saw Kill Shot Scotch Ale served with cold smoked Akaushi brisket slow roasted with a white bean bacon sautee with spinach and topped with a roasted garlic demi glaze.  I need to say first that the spinach served with this dish may be the best I have ever eaten and I LOVE spinach.  It was the perfect blend of salty with a little sweet thrown in and of course cooked with bacon.  Holy delicious!

Akaushi is a Japanese wagyu breed of cattle that is used in Kobe restaurants.  The meat is very marbled making it tender and very rich and flavorful.  Conversely, the ratio of mono-saturated fat to saturated fat in Akaushi is quite high making it a healthier variety of beef and somewhat heart-healthy.

The Akaushi brisket was out-of-this-world good and the accompanying glaze was perfectly sweet and savory.  That is where I feel that the pairing really came together.  Kill Shot is “a strong Scotch Ale made with floor malted Scottish malt and roasted barley and oats. Lightly sweet and intensely malty.”  Intensely malty is an understatement.  Kill Shot is a delicious maltbomb that paired wonderfully with the salty bacon spinach and brisket.  Unfortunately, Kill Shot is Flix’s winter seasonal so you will have to wait to try it.  This is my beer of choice at Flix when I’m watching a movie.


Dessert brought together a cinnamon pecan cake with baked apples and caramel sauce and the January Homebrew Competition winner- Black Gold Imperial Stout.  First, Flix has this great competition where each month a local homebrew club- Austin Zealots, Texas Carboys, and the Round Rock Homebrewers Guild (aRRHG pirates!) gets to brew a beer on the Flix system and see it sold at the theater.  The three clubs take rotate each month so the clubs only compete against each other.  I am a member of the aRRHG and I intend on giving it a shot when our turn comes back around again.  Black Gold was created by Henrik Engert of the Texas Carboys and it is a delicious imperial stout full of huge roasty flavors and a hoppiness not always found in the style.  The beer is flat out delicious and went very well with the sweet/sticky dessert.  The richness of both beer a dish created a really tasty balance.

Black Gold is still available at Flix but not in the original form.  The version out now was aged on oak chips soaked in Jack Daniels and is even better than the original.  Flix calls it Bourbon Black Gold but I think it should be Whiskey Black Gold.  Either way the beer is tasty.  The Whiskey/Bourbon notes are subtle in the right way but really bring out the chocolate and roasty malt flavors in the beer.

Saison de Belgium

Luna Rosa Wit

After the dinner we joined Scott in the lobby to sample the two new Flix beers (at the time)- Luna Rosa Wit and Saison De Belgium.  LRW is a wit brewed with blood oranges and  a really nice citrusy flavor and pinkish color not often seen in beer.  The SdB was the February Homebrew Competition winner from Corey Martin of the Austin Zealots.  Corey is also the winner of the Samuel Adams Longshot competition and will have his Munich Dunkel called “A Dark Night in Munich” for sale at retailers this spring.  As for the Saison de Belgium- it was a fruity beer with tropical notes.  It reminded me a little of some of the Funkwerks beer I had in Colorado.  Just like Funkwerks, I was reaching the end of the night and suffering palatte fatigue.  I hope I get the chance to try it again!

Overall, I felt that the theme for the night was balance, matching sweet with savory and rich with rich.  The food was incredible and the beer was really good.  I think Flix did a phenomenal job with the meal and I was happy to learn that they intend on doing this again.  Walt said he hoped once a quarter or so.  If you haven’t tried Flix yet, you should.  Don’t wait for the next beer dinner in two months.  Catch a matinee and enjoy some really good beer while you’re at it.


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