Earlier this month Flix Brewhouse hosted its very first Beer Dinner and since I love everything done at sister restaurant, Homefield Grill, I couldn’t resist checking it out.  Coordinated by General Manager Walt Powell, the meal featured dishes by the Executive Chef of both restaurants Scott Reed and beer from Flix’s Brewmaster Justin Rizza – formerly of Independence Brewing.

Unlike Homefield’s Beer Dinners, this event focused on Flix’s own house beers: Golden Ale, Lupulus IPA, Satellite, Kill Shot, and Black Gold.

The first course featured the clean, crisp Golden Ale.  It has subtle hints of rye and utilizes honeymalt and is dry-hopped with Liberty hops.  Justin told me that he believes all brew pubs need a good light, crisp beer to be successful and I think he hit the nail on the head with Golden Ale.  I am generally not a fan of lighter-style beers.  When made well I love them but the light styles are hard to perfect as the subtleties and nuances are far more prevalent than in bigger beers (bigger as in ABV, mouthful, malt or hop profile).  Back on track, Golden Ale is a delicious example of its style and I really recommend it.

So, the Golden Ale was paired with Hoisin BBQ pork tapas with jalapeno escabeche and cilantro sour cream.  The tapas were served in twos and were one of the tastiest courses I’ve had at either restaurant.  Cheers to Scott!

The second course was a Guajillo Pozole with hominy, green chillies and turkey topped with fresh avocado, limes and cabbage.  The dish had a nice low heat heat to it that paired very well with the Lupulus IPA.  Lupulus takes its name from the  scientific name for hops, humulus lupulus.  It’s a quintuple-hopped IPA that features Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Nugget, and Columbus hops.  I had this beer the weekend it was released and it was alright- I would be happy if someone purchased it for me but I wouldn’t have ordered it again for myself.  This night it was much better.  Talking to Justin I learned that he changed the recipe a few times and is still tinkering a little.  I found Lupulus IPA to have shades of Stash IPA from Independence, a recipe that Justin created while he was there.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a very different, but I think can taste the progression.  I can’t wait to try the final product but in the meantime it is a good beer that goes well with spicy foods.  Try it if you like IPAs or other hoppy beers.



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