There is common belief that craft beer must be bigger and hoppier to be successful. Scott Hovey, founder of Adelbert’s Brewery in Austin, TX, rejects that notion. Scott believes that the average craft beer drinker prefers a well-balanced beer not a septuple-hopped IPA. Adelbert’s is committed to brewing Belgian-style bottle-conditioned ales, a missing demographic in the burgeoning Austin beer scene.

Scott Hovey began homebrewing about four years ago. His very first batch was a Kolsch, a light, pale German lager, that he brewed using a style called mini-mash. Within the year he made the conversion to All-Grain brewing. His love for homebrewing grew quickly. Soon Scott was attending the Craft Brewer’s Conference (CBC), further feeding his hobby and creating a passion. Scott worked in the semi-conductor industry by day but began to feel the desire to start his own business. While at the CBC, Scott happened upon some aged Belgian beers and feel in love. He believed that a good, Belgian beer could stand up to an equivalent Cabernet Sauvignon. Scott realized that he wanted to professionally brew age-able beer.

Deciding to brew professionally is a giant leap from homebrewing but Scott jumped in completely. He knew that he wanted his business to be an homage to his older brother and decided to name his brewery in his honor, Adelbert’s. Scott wrote his business plan and began raising funds to open his brewery in March of 2010. Leaving his previous job on good terms, Scott was able to convince some of his former colleagues to invest in his idea. He planned on opening a brewery that focused high-end Belgian-style ales and originally intended to sell kegs upon Adelbert’s opening. The plan changed and Adelbert’s initial distribution was bottles in late 2011/early 2012.

Adelbert’s Brewery currently has three beers available: Rambler Ale, Scratchin’ Hippo, and Dancing Monks- a Belgian-style Blonde Ale, Biere de Garde, and a Dubbel respectively. Four more beers are expected to be released later this spring- a Tripel called Tripel B, a Wit called Naked Nun, a Saison called Philsophizer, and Flying Monks, a Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale. Each beer is named after a story or memory of Scott’s brother Del. Scratchin’ Hippo is named for Del’s trip to Africa when the house where Del stayed was violently shaken in the middle of the night. Believing it to be an earthquake, Del looked outside and found a Hippopotamus scratching itself on the house. Scott stayed in the same house years later and watched the nearby hippos graze in the yard all night. If you are interested in some of the other stories (and I hope you are) check out Adelbert’s website.

Adelbert's Scratchin' Hippo

Scott intends on making all seven beers regular releases. He hopes in the future, three to four years from now, to barrel age some of the regulars and begin creating a Gueze. Gueze is a style of beer that blends several different “vintages’ of beers into one. Scott also hopes, but would like to guarantee, that Adelbert’s will start brewing Lambics and Belgian-style Sours. As a HUGE fan of sour beer, I can only hope!

Name: Scott Hovey

Title: Founder of Adelbert’s Brewery

Favorite Beer NOT his Own: Goose Island Rare Bourbon County Stout – Imperial Stout aged for two years in 23yr old Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels


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