Colorado Chronicles – Avery Brewing Company

I landed in Colorado last Friday night with my fiance and immediately headed to Avery Brewing Company in Boulder.  The Avery Brewing Company is a highly regarded brewery that distributes nationally to 33 states.  They are especially known for their high gravity beers, some over 15% ABV!  Avery’s taproom is tucked into an industrial park/business district and is pretty hard to find if you don’t know where you are going.

Right from the entrance of the taproom you can see almost 20 different beers on tap.  There is seating at the bar and plenty of tables but it does get busy.  Our friends knew some employees so we sat in the barrel aging room where there is another row of five or six additional taps.  Avery doesn’t serve food but they have an agreement with a catering company next door.  The best part is that Avery has menus for the food and makes beer/food pairing suggestions.  I think that is a big step in the legitimization of beer as more than just a frat boys vice but I digress.



Offering cheap and generous sample sizes, the Avery Brewing Company is conducive to those trying many different beers.  Every Friday night Avery taps a firkin of something special.  Last Friday was a Mint Chocolate Stout that I chose for my first beer.  It was very smooth like a good stout should be and the menthol from the mint was prevalent but not overpowering.  The 4-5 oz sample was the perfect quantity.  I enjoyed it but I don’t think I’d want a full pint.




My fiance, JoAnna, loves brown ales and porters so she ordered (and I tried) the New World Porter and Ellie’s Brown Ale.  The NWP is a pretty hoppy porter that the bartender called a light-black IPA.  Ellie’s Brown Ale is a smooth, cocoa-rich brown ale that is super tasty.

Our friend Jess is a fan of Belgian style beers.  She ordered Salvation, a Belgian Golden Ale, and The Reverend, a Belgian Quadrupel Ale.  Jess’ husband Matt ordered my personal favorite, Maharaja.  Maharaja is an imperial IPA loaded with grapefruit-ness and a solid malty backbone to stand up to the impressive 102 IBUs.  Avery’s Maharaja is one of my all-time favorites and trying it so fresh on draft was out of this world good!  I waited until the end to have mine but it was so good that we came back later in the trip for more.



With my Mint Chocolate Stout, I ordered Trogdor the Burninator, a smoked doppelbock.  Trogdor is an homage to the very first brewed beers that were boiled over beechwood fires that imparted a smokey taste to the beer.  The doppelbock style is thicker and very sweet so the smokiness added a very tasty dimension.  The best description I could muster was that is tasted like sweet beef jerky.  I had another Trogdor when we returned because it was so good.


Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the sweet potato tots we had with our beer.  Delivered from next door while we played Trivial Pursuit, one of the many board games Avery has in its “library,” they were the ideal compliment to our delicious beer tasting.


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